Aeroe is inspired by the challenge of exploration, adventure and discovery.

Aeroe is constantly pushing the limits of innovative design. We love nothing better than to work the boundaries as we create, prove and offer exciting new load carrying products for bikers and riders world-wide.

Back in 2006 Aeroe founder Pat Maguire walked the floors of the Eurobike Show that year, looking for the latest products available for carrying gear on bikes.  What he found was some really great advancements in bags, fabrics and waterproof panniers, but the racks and carriers being offered were the same wire or tubular welded designs with origins dating back to more than 100 years earlier.

He also discovered that these racks and carriers could not physically fit to many of the new advanced bikes using carbon fibre frames, disc brakes and full suspensions.  In addition these old designs did not meet or compliment  the new advancing aesthetic of these bikes and this disconnect continues 14 years later with eBikes for the growing trend in eBike touring and adventure.

Pat responded by inventing and designing the original ‘quick-mount-release’ bike rack that could attach to the front forks or rear stays on virtually any bike, using tensioned Nylon webbing strap.  The resulting product was marketed and sold into 12 countries worldwide under the Freeload brand, before being acquired by Thule, who continue to market globally as the Tour Rack.

Since the formation of Aeroe in 2014, Pat and the team in New Zealand have created an exciting range of new products, shaped by rider needs and expectations to carry their gear across all biking categories.

Our latest innovation is the patented Aeroe quick-mount-release system, which provides a universal ‘mount’ that can be quickly fixed to various points on any bike, handle bar, forks, rear stays or seatpost. 

The ‘mount’ can then receive any of the Aeroe bags, panniers, bikepacks or backpacks fitted with the mating ‘mount’ technology.

Designed, tested and proven in New Zealand, home to some of the most exciting and challenging touring conditions on and off-road, Aeroe products are continually developed to meet the needs of riders in every category from bikepacking, touring, to urban commuting, work-related transportation and the growing eBike demands.

Aeroe products are not only well designed and easy to use, they are tough, durable and made to the highest standards.  Our products enable and extend exploration using bikes or eBikes, and enhance the recreation and transportation experience of the modern bicycle.

At Aeroe, we are passionate about discovery, adventure and innovation, whether it be in the design studio or off-road exploring the wilderness by bicycle. Bring it!