Can it fit my full suspension bike?

Yes, the Spider Rear Rack fastens to the rear stays of a full suspension bike totally independent to the seat post.

Can it fit my e-bike?

Yes, the Spider Rear Rack fits e-bikes.

Can it fit my fat bike?

Yes, now available is the Spider Fat Rack which can fit fat and E-Bikes bikes up to 5 inches tyre width. All aeroe accessories are compatible with both std and fat racks.

My bike has narrow rear stays – will it fit?

Yes, the rack has been designed to flex in and out 20mm each side and be rotated to allow the fitting of various stay widths and angles.

Can I still use my dropper post?

Yes, the Spider Rear Rack fastens to the rear stays and is totally independent to the seat post, the cradle can be rotated 90 degrees to allow for extra space also. Alternatively, the cradles can be attached to the side of the rack, providing free space at the top of the rack. Great solution for dropper post use and full suspension use.

How tight can I tighten the aeroe Racks onto the bike?

4Nm is the recommended maximum torque level.

How do I install it?

The Spider Rear Rack is very easy to install. Simply use a 5mm allen key (sometimes called a hex key) to tighten the silicon coated straps around the rear stays. Check out our product manuals. If you need assistance, email us at team@aeroe.com

Can the racks fit my carbon bike?

Yes, recommend some 'mastic or bike tape' at touch points, and stay within the weight limits and tightness recommendations found in our product manual.

I have a small frame with limited space to my saddle – will it fit?

Yes, our racks provide a great solution here, as our gear sits totally independently to the saddle post meaning you have room for your gear, including using your suspension and dropper post. Commonly cradles can be located on top of the rack (with 90 degrees rotation option), or located on side of rack to suit preferences combined with our handlebar cradle.

Can I carry an eBike battery on the racks?

Yes, commonly used on our racks are our quick mount Pods with built in security straps, ideal for eBike batteries and camera equipment alternatively you can fit batteries into a dry bag and pack with clothes for protection.


What is the weight capacity?

Recommended total max load of rack is 16kg (35lbs) to be spread across a max load of 5kg (9lbs) per cradle, and /or 7kg (15lbs) per Quick Mount Pod. Handlebar cradle we recommend 5kg max.

Are aeroe pods and drybags waterproof?

Yes, the aeroe pods and drybags are waterproof.

Do I have to use aeroe bags?

No, the Spider Rear Rack has been designed to be versatile enough so that you can carry any bag, tent or sleeping bag you already have.

Can I increase the capacity of the Spider Rear Rack?

The Spider Rear Rack comes with one cradle. The Spider B Cradle & 11L Pod accessories are designed to attach to your Spider Rear Rack to increase capacity.

Can I put cradles on the side of the rack and one on the top?

Yes, many customers use their aeroe gear differently depending on their needs. You can have one Cradle on each side of the Rack, or use just one Cradle, or even no Cradles on the top.

What is the weight of the aeroe products?

Spider Rear Rack: 979 grams

Spider FAT rack: 969 grams

SPIDER A Cradle (Handlebar Cradle): 464 grams

SPIDER B Cradle (Rear Rack): 329 grams

11L Pod: 739 grams

What are the dimensions of the 11L Pod?

11L Pod: L450mm x W205mm x D165mm.

What materials are aeroe products made from?

We use high quality strong fully water proof materials; High grade stainless steel, anodized aluminium, glass reinforced nylon PA66-GF30 and silicone coated straps. The soft parts of the 11L Pod and dry bags are made from heavy duty Nylon +TPU HF Welded.

My Quick Mount Pod waterproof Zip is tight.

Once used once or twice this will ease up. Zipper Lubricant commonly used on Life Jackets and wetsuits is a good ongoing lubricant also.

Occasionally my Handlebar Cradle slips.

If you have a narrow handlebar tube (Often found on Jones Bars) we can supply shorter straps. Alternatively due to tapered or smooth handlebars try this, find an old bike tube, cut approx. 2 x 130mm lengths, long enough so tube will wrap your handlebar with a slight overlap. Fasten straps around the tube/handlebars and tighten.

or ask about our new "Rubber Coated Metal Straps" at team@aeroe.com

I’ve misplaced one of my mounting straps and/or rubber feet.

We have a spare parts pack that includes rubber feet and straps now available on our website.

What are the dimensions of the dry bags?

12L Black drybag: 60cm long & 30cm wide

8L Orange drybag: 50cm long & 24cm wide

That's when they're laid flat down


Where is aeroe from?

aeroe's home is New Zealand. All aeroe products are designed and tested here in the rugged terrain of New Zealand. Our products are then built in Taiwan – the epicentre of quality bike industry manufacturing.

Do you ship to any country?

Yes, we have partner warehouses in Europe, USA, Australia, Canada & New Zealand so we can provide fast shipping worldwide. We offer free shipping worldwide, with estimated delivery between 3 to 7 working days shipping time.

(Note, while we aim and meet for the most part these timeframes - some delays out of our control may be experienced in the current climate)