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Exclusive Tips + Tricks and Install Guide  - Spider Rear Rack

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Click on the image above to check out this short video where we have taken a deep dive into the key features and benefits of the spider rear rack so you can make the most of your next adventure! Hot tips include
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Tips for installing or swapping between bikes in seconds! No in-built mounts or fiddly axle mounts required.

The number one rack brand designed specifically for mountain bikes and E-mountain bikes, the Spider Rear Rack is the perfect companion for any adventure. It fits both hardtails and full suspension with ease.

Thanks to a clever quick-release system, with no in-built bike mounts or axle dropouts required, you can easily move your rack from one rig to another in minutes. There’s no need to have multiple racks for multiple bikes, just swap and go.

From single-day rides to weeks on the trails, the Spider Rear Rack is ready to carry everything you need.


Tips on strapping in aeroe dry bags – or your favourite brand of dry bag, tent or sleeping bag so you can attach and go! 

The Spider Rear Rack is the versatile accessory your mountain bike or E-mountain bike adventures need. It can carry aeroe dry bags or any brand’s dry bags, tents or other gear, so if you already have a tent or bag in the garage you can just strap it on and go. 

The setup itself is just as versatile as the bag options. The cradle can go on the side or the top of the rack, as well as rotate 90 degrees. This means no matter your carrying preference, the Spider Rear Rack can cater to suit.

You can bring more or less gear with interchangeable cradles and pods, simply twist and lock up to three of them into place and you’re ready to go. With the ability to carry up to 16kg of gear, you’ll never be caught short.

Best tips on using the built in straps keep your gear super secure. No more swaying or rattling gear even on the toughest MTB terrain.

When you’re riding your mountain bike or E-mountain bike the last thing you want to hear is the rattle of your gear. Thanks to the secure system, there are zero annoying rattles or sway with the Spider Rear Rack or Rear Cradles no matter the conditions or load.

The built-in straps keep your gear super secure and stable, whether you’re riding over grapefruit-sized gravel or flying down singletrack. This is just one of the perks of being designed specifically for off-road adventures. 

You never have to worry about having to adjust your gear along the way, or checking it a few hundred times “just in case.” Instead, you get peace of mind on your ride.

Why the rack is engineered for Full Suspension MTBs and EMTBs, the rack will handle anything you can throw at it!

Designed to be used on full-suspension mountain bikes and 

E-mountain bikes, the Spider Rear Rack can handle whatever you throw at it. The quality materials are built to last, with silicon-coated nylon at all touch points to protect your bike.

Ready for any terrain from pavement to rough trails, you can configure your gear to suit the ride ahead. With the Spider your luggage will never be a barrier to adventure, you can fit and forget with the peace of mind that it’s built to handle it. Cameras, pack rafts and bakery pies are just a few of the precious cargo our customers have carried worry-free.

Best of all, you can still use your bike the way it was designed to be used - with your gear located in a way that lets you have full use of the dropper post and suspension when mountain biking.

Thanks to the rotating cradles and movable locations your gear will never get in your way of your MTB adventure. Full use of dropper post and suspension. Add 1, 2 or 3 cradles or pods and go! We cover it all. 

Thanks to rotating cradles and movable locations your Spider 

Rear Rack will never get in your way during your mountain bike or 

E-mountain bike adventures. The rack can be located to suit the use of a dropper post and be kept out of the way on small frames, while the cradles can rotate up to 90 degrees.

We cover our superior cradle design stability and how you can Pack up and down in seconds with our in-built straps. No more checking your gear along the way or fiddly straps to worry about. 

As the world’s most user-friendly bike rack and carrier system, the Spider Rear Rack is perfect for everyone from first-timers to bike nuts.

The simple design means you can pack up or down in seconds, there’s no fiddling around or confusing parts to manhandle. With such a quick system you can grab and go on a whim, making attaching your rack the easiest part of your adventure. 

In-built straps make for quick access to your gear, as well as no lost pieces when you’re not using your Spider Rear Rack.

Multiple Design Award winner for a reason. Your MTB or EMTB still looks and functions as an MTB should!

Having won three design and innovation awards in the “Oscars of the Biking World’’, you know you’re onto a good thing when you choose the Spider Rear Rack for your mountain bike or E-mountain bike.

The streamlined design means your bike not only still looks and functions like a mountain bike, but there are no fiddly bits to get in your way.

The Spider Rear Rack was designed in New Zealand, being tested and proven on our array of trails and terrain, ready to be used to explore the world. High-quality, durable and damn good-looking, it’s the best carrying solution for all mountain bike adventures.

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