We recently caught up with Enduro Super Star Eric Olsen and asked him a few questions about his bike pack ready adventure machine and his trip before he set off on his recent bikepacking journey on the EDM circuit!

Check out a few of his images and Q+A’s and gear breakdown below : 🤘

eric olsen bikepacking

Where is your first stop and where will you end up?

I’m flying to Hobart Tasmania then riding 60 miles to Maydena for the first round of the EDR. 
Then I’ll ride ~250 miles up the coast of Tasmania to Derby for the second round a week later. I’ll be riding with Matt Fairbrother who I met bikepacking last year. 
Then after that I’m headed to Christchurch NZ to spend 3 weeks with Matt and his Family.
mountain bike packing

What are you most excited about along your adventure?

I’m excited to see Tasmania and NZ for the first time! I’ve heard so many good things about the people, the riding and the scenery. 

aeroe bikepacking

Why did you pack it the way you did?

 It all started when I rode by mountain bike from Bellingham to Port Angles for a DH race (140 miles) and I actually performed better AND had a much more fulfilling and memorable experience. 

Also travelled abroad is expensive and not always environmentally conscious. Our bikes are built to do so much, yet we drive big vans between rounds of the World Cup/EWS. I wanted to see if maybe there is a sliver of attainability left in high level racing.

eric olsen aeroe

How many miles will you ride per week?

 Varies a lot. This is a short stint so on touring days roughly ~100 miles a day. 

aeroe dry bags

aeroe dry bags

What will you be staying in? Tent? Hostels? Hotels?

A mix! The nice thing about bike racing is that people are super friendly and will fit you in if they have space. But I also have the ability and expectation that I will camp. I have a sleeping bag, pad and bivy sack (OR Helium bivy) which I can camp in pretty much anywhere. 

mountain bike packing on full suspension

bikepacking aeroe

To follow Eric on his travels follow him on Instagram here 🤘

eric olsen mountain bike

If you have any questions on Erics setup get in touch. He is setup with a spider rear rack, extra cradle and aeroe 8L and 12L dry bags - check out the products for more information to set your Full Suspension Mountain Bike up for Bikepacking on your next trip!  🤘

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